Water Features

A beautiful landscape element that many homeowners want to add to their home is water features.

A beautiful landscape element that many homeowners want to add to their home is water features. Whether its small or large, any water feature can add aesthetic beauty and tranquility to any outdoor space. Water features can add many elements to your landscape including the relaxing sound of moving water. From ponds to fountains, Land Effects can create a custom plan for your water features and build you an inviting and relaxing outdoor space for you to enjoy. 

Water features are an excellent way to add drama and beauty to any outdoor living area. Our team of landscaping professionals can create a pond nestled amid your garden, fountains at the entrance to your outdoor kitchen, or a lazy stream winding through the entirety of your yard. You have a vision and our design team can help you create it through a unique water feature. Our team of contractors have the artistic and technical skills to craft a water feature to complement the design of your landscaping and create a relaxing environment for you to enjoy. Water features are also a design element that increases the value of your home and appeals to potential buyers.

Are you interested in working with Land Effects for water feature design in Bend? Reach out to our team and schedule your consultation. We can’t wait to help you create an oasis in your very own backyard. 

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“They’ve been great with our Spring and Fall cleanups. They also maintain our Sprinkler system & water feature. We have no complaints. They do a great job!”


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“We purchased a bank-owned home and LandEffects did a great job designing a completely new front and back yard while staying within our budget and our low-maintenance style. They come back regularly to maintain the yard and keep it looking great. I would recommend to anyone with a small or large budget, for one time design or regular maintenance.”


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“They did a fantastic job. Loved the results.”


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